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Over 157 million adults watch ad-supported OTT in the U.S. 

Reach them with iHeartOTT!

Streaming TV (aka OTT) is now the primary way people in the U.S. consume TV, accounting for more than 50% of the time spent watching television. In fact, more than half of all U.S. homes are also unreachable using traditional broadcast and cable TV only.

There has never been a better time to utilize the one-two punch of audio and video to reach your target customers. You can reach this growing audience with iHeartOTT!

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When it comes to audience targeting, we go above and beyond. Our superior targeting capabilities include access to exclusive content marketplaces, allowing you to reach your ideal customers in the most relevant and engaging environments. Additionally, we harness the power of Amazon shopper data and more, enabling you to connect with potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

OTT means more than "over the top" at iHeartMedia



With multiple product options, each with its own unique approach to audience targeting, iHeartOTT brings deep expertise and enhanced flexibility to any streaming TV campaign. Our "client built" products and partnerships are designed to deliver results.


The secret to our success across all our marketing tactics, including OTT, is trust. iHeart works closely with businesses of all sizes through an experienced and passionate team of people who want yours to succeed. This is especially important in digital media where treating digital as a commodity leads to things like ad fraud, brand safety issues or a misrepresentation of capabilities. But not here at iHeart.


Advertiser accessible online dashboard updates daily with detailed campaign metrics including publishers, reach and frequency, geo heat maps and more... all down to the last impression. Plus, robust attribution tools for tracking linear TV/OTT reach extension, website conversions or store visits.

Best-in-Class Audience Targeting 


Our exclusive genre Marketplaces (News, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle and more) are deployed as a content targeting tactic layered on top of traditional household audience data to maximize results. Enhanced placement controls across ALL of our premium publishers - especially "cord-cutter" heavy ones - delivers more efficient campaign reach extension.


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iHeartMedia is Amazon's largest and most experienced local ads partner. Tapping into more than 30,000 Amazon customer audience segments and their exclusive OTT inventory delivers some of the most precisely targeted and effective streaming TV impressions available.


Audience data gathered from the visitation patterns of millions of mobile devices is matched back to OTT devices in the home. These accredited visitation patterns are a very strong indicator of consumer intent and are used both to build audiences, but also to attribute store visits back to delivered OTT impressions.

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